Impact of Tech on Modern day workplaces

IT (Information Technology) has touched our lives in unprecedented ways. It has made our lives and our work much easier. The impact of tech innovations and Information technology can be felt in every aspect of our life...

Impact of Tech on Modern day workplaces

IT (Information Technology) has touched our lives in unprecedented ways. It has made our lives and our work much easier. The impact of tech innovations and Information technology can be felt in every aspect of our life, particularly in our workplaces. Technology and IT revolutions have made communications simpler, data analytics more accurate, and has enhanced data storage, management, and even the resource management. Here are some of the ways in which IT and tech innovations have changed the current day workplaces:

Remote support and telecommuters:

In the current work trend, with the gig economy taking a surge, we see a large number of part-time jobs, remote support jobs, freelancing jobs opening up. Telecommuting or working from home is a popular concept in the recent times. Earlier, this was an option provided just in some emergency cases. But that is not how it is anymore. Here are the benefits of hiring freelancers and telecommuters for the businesses:

  • Not much time and effort has to be spent on the hiring process as with that of the full-time employees
  • A separate workstation and office set up would not be required if the employee would be telecommuting.
  • When there is a temporary project demanding a new skill, instead of hiring a full-time employee for that, the company can handle that project with the help of a freelancer.

Many BPO’s that allowed employees to work from home also saw that they spent more time on their calls and could take up more number of calls when they worked from their homes.

Benefits for the professionals:

  • For those living in the busy cities, traveling from their houses to the office would take hours. This can be avoided when they are supporting remotely.
  • This also gives them the freedom to work from the convenience of their personal office in their own house.

Collaboration in the workplace:

With the advancement of IT, communication channels have now expanded. To communicate with your team and your clients, emails are not the only options. You can make use of the business communication tools to chat, make calls and share content with your team. This is much quicker and easier than emails. These tools also allow you to form groups and directly publish all the information and data that has to be shared with your entire group. Instead of sitting and typing emails and waiting for the receiver to get it and then reply, you can instantly message the concerned team member and get an immediate reply. This saves a lot of time. This also helps improve the collaboration in the workplace.

Larger data storage capacity:

Now with several companies moving to the cloud, they get the chance to store more data. Cloud data storage comes with a lot of benefits. The cloud storage space is easily scalable. Unlike physical hard drives for data storage, you need not invest in new hardware components to expand your storage to meet your requirements. When you have your data stored in the cloud, your computers, laptops and other permitted devices can directly access the data directly from the clouds. This makes data sharing in the office much easier than with the storage and fragmentation of data in hard drives. More information can be found at

Improved security:

Servers are now more secure. People are aware of the security risks that new tech innovations come with. This has lead to better encryption methods. This makes data more secure. There is an ever increasing number of hackers imposing serious cyber security threats. This is also leading to the stronger focus on information security. There are stringent laws governing the IT security sector. Right from the protection of intellectual property of the company to the actual data protection, IT sector has now evolved productively to make it easier for you to guard your data from the most talented hackers and sophisticated hacking tools.

IT sector has now become an important part of every business. And along with the tech changes seen everyday, workplaces are becoming more convenient and more productive. This is making it a win-win situation for the employees and the employers. Employers are able to cut down on costs in several ways. And, employees find the present day workplaces more comfortable for them to work in.

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